Quick Sketches and Flexibility in Sketchbook.

I gave myself the goal of finishing a sketchbook every month.  How hard could that be? right? well, very hard as it turns out. Very quickly I discovered my many hang ups about… Continue reading

Living room and knowing when to stop

Art has this strange, magical curve. When I start working on a piece the more I work on it the better it gets. But only up to a point. After that magical, highly… Continue reading


So excited to have my threads and sewing machine out. I started noticing how there are colors in my palette that I am always refilling and colors that I never seem to touch.… Continue reading

Beef Jerky

My mother in law makes delicious beef jerky. It is a slow cooked treat so the whole house smells wonderful for an entire day.

12 by 12 August piece.

For my big piece in August I decided to turn one of my sketchbook drawings into a fiber piece. I started with this drawing I made in Italy on a 4 by 6 inch… Continue reading

Tea time drawing

Nothing like tea and drawing before going to teach. I am now using my watercolors more as a splash. I use much more of a wet on et technique to build  depth and… Continue reading

Bananas, Patatas y Gengibre.

My sister is now drawing! We agreed to send each other a drawing a month. This is what I sent her. I must admit I was pretty nervous about making her a drawing.… Continue reading

I woke up way too early

I would love to be a morning person. I consider that a super power. Every so often I wake up really early, like 6:00 or 5:45. I am so excited to be up… Continue reading

Leftovers and Hurricane Surfing

I have fallen in love with leftovers. This all started because I loved the drawings of food artist make. As much as I tried I couldn’t sacrifice the joy of eating a warm… Continue reading

Crepe Myrtle

Crepe Myrtles are great models. They are wild, colorful and stay very still. I had never seen them until I moved to the south. I now love their white and pink blossoms and… Continue reading

12 by 12

I graduated from my Masters degree 2 years ago.  Ever since I have been working blindly.  Not really knowing where I was going but working with a new set of doubts. Life after… Continue reading


Scott makes the best Lasagna. I call it the gift that keeps on giving because I can eat the leftovers for days and they are always wonderful. I can never draw food but… Continue reading

Sandals and Kitty

I constantly tell my students that you can tell a story by putting two unrelated objects together. It was late and I was tired, so the best thing I could come up with… Continue reading

Shoes and the pressure to make art that matters

Not to be stereotypically female but, I do have a shoe fetish. I got these shoes for my birthday and I am quite pleased with myself. I added the socks to the composition… Continue reading


Painting landscapes, in my humble opinion, is like walking through mud carrying a suitcase the size of my couch! But on this particular occasion,I think, it sort of worked. I stared and stared… Continue reading

Bad cake makes for excellent drawing

I went to Tofinnos, an italian bakery, for a treat and some tea. For the first time since I have visited that place I found a pastry that I did not enjoy. This… Continue reading

We have a new teapot!

Oh happy day. This new teapot is great! It holds more water than the one we had before, so we don’t have to keep refilling it with water. It also does not spill a drop… Continue reading

Mixing skin color

I was thinking of skin color and how I could start with a truly bright color and add the complementary to arrive to my color of skin. These are made with gouache. I… Continue reading

Me, Myself and I

I made this watercolor with a light brown pen outline and light watercolor washes. I then slowly added more layers to create depth.  This is normal for me but what surprised me about… Continue reading


Not to sound egocentric but…I love drawing myself! I am the only model that stands as still as I want, for as long as I want ha! I have drawn myself a million… Continue reading

The way back.

I was drawing at the airport when a woman and her daughter came over to talk to me about art. I love when that happens. I am a social person by nature and… Continue reading

California Love

It amazes me when font and imagery come together. I drew this palm tree from a pretty small plain looking palm tree. Then added the font to the bottom. I think they look… Continue reading

More California

There is something to be said about drawing a place at the same time of day for several days in a row. The light is right and everything seems to work just right.

California family

This is my niece, Hope. I asked her to count to 100 so that I could draw her. It was quite the exercise in speed. She sat there happily eating her chips and… Continue reading


First thing we did in California was drive further south to surf and camp! I have always been a water baby but I learned how to surf late in life (30’s!) so being able… Continue reading

Traveling to California

First, of course, you are on a plane for hours.  I was dreading the whole process until I started drawing. I had been watching sketchbook skool and had been practicing  the “deep dive”. That’s… Continue reading

Rose Bush

The new house has a gorgeous rose bush in the front. I made a study of it in black and white, that I thought was completely unsuccessful. But I am quite pleased with the… Continue reading

Kitty likes the new place

I do not own him. It is more like I am his staff. I pet him and feed him and then when HE is ready I get cuddles. I think he likes the… Continue reading

Drawing comes from our brains and hearts!

I am truly surprised at being able to draw with my right hand. It feels really weird. I can’t make any sort of detailed or straight line but i seem to be able… Continue reading

Drawing with the wrong hand.

I am left handed and I fell on my left hand! the tragedy!It wasn’t even a heroic injury. Like I was riding a huge wave and fell on the barrel of my life.… Continue reading

We have curtains!

This new house is amazing! I just can’t get enough of it and we now have curtains! We had bought these beautiful blue curtains but when we hung them up we felt we… Continue reading

We Moved

And we are exhausted. I would like to thank my man, my sister, the movers and all the fans that have gotten me here because moving is sooo hard!. Hugs to all.

Who doesn’t love beachgoers?

I love them. Because all the people at the beach are wearing super bright colors and mismatched prints. It is a sea of color that serious people would never, ever wear anywhere else.… Continue reading