English Breakfast!

At the end of our Italian trip we got to hang out with my husbands English part of the family. It was such a treat to go from hotels and trains to their… Continue reading

Colosseum in Rome

This drawing was made on the large moleskin watercolor notebook. I didn’t quite finish it but I love the pen lines as they show the monument. I have no idea how many times… Continue reading

Unfinished Business

I have a lot of unfinished drawings. I mean a LOT.  As always I was ruled by my hunger and I sat at one of the windows at the cafeteria in the Villa… Continue reading

Laney and Mark

Mark was one of the trip leaders for the Arezzo trip. I met him through Laney who I had met before at the university. They were great people to have around and I… Continue reading

Cultural Exchange in Arezzo

The reason we went to Italy and Arezzo in particular is because my husband is one of the leaders of a study-abroad program. He teaches italian and this time around was able to… Continue reading

Terrace at The Villa

Scott looked good. I mean when does he not? It was a nice warm day and Scott was all dressed up sitting with me by the terrace. What else could I ask for… Continue reading

The Market in Arezzo

This is the first large scale drawing I made in Arezzo. I found a comfortable spot and started to paint. The blue sky, the buildings and the liveliness of the market made me… Continue reading


This is Tyler, one of the students in the Arezzo trip. It is so cool to see students use their freshly learned italian.

Sunset in Arezzo

I must admit there was a bit of wine involved in this drawing. But you know when you see a beautiful sunset and want to capture the light but don’t know how? This… Continue reading

Caffe In Florence

I love coffee in Italy. When living there I would often get frustrated at the services that would not work briskly and effectively. When I needed a bit of a pick me up… Continue reading

Drawing on the table and Italian lesson.

In Italy I walk a lot. And Sometimes I am so hungry I can’t help but draw on the table mat. It is a little grease because as soon as the food arrived… Continue reading

Lamp at Palazzo Pitti

You can’t really see Palazzo Pitti here because I was sitting with my back to it. I found the most comfortable spot to sit and started drawing this beautiful lamp. I had wanted… Continue reading

Up the Hill in Florence

This was drawn from the garden of roses in florence. It is close to piazzale Michelangelo, but for some reason it is not overrun by tourists. It is hard to find some place… Continue reading

Hot day and cool night in Florence

After a full day of running around florence eating and drawing I did what everyone else does. I sat at the park. There is a small park on the other side of the… Continue reading

On a Picnic

They have so many beautifully carved sculptures all around the city of florence. There is so much to draw in Florence that I prioritize finding a comfortable place to sit and then draw… Continue reading

More Prosciutto

My love for prosciutto is never-ending. This was drawn at “la prosciutteria”. The tiny store I mentioned yesterday. As I sat in a corner to draw the meats I saw the sandwich makers… Continue reading

Prosciutto in Florence, Italy

Prosciutto is one of my favorite thing in the world. This was drawn at my favorite prosciutto place “La Prosciutteria” This store is a small place close to the Uffizzi gallery, so you… Continue reading


There sure is a lot of traveling when one is traveling. I am always excited to travel and the innumerable amounts of trains airports, and trams are perfect for drawing people. It is… Continue reading

The Other Side of the Villa

This is a different courtyard in the villa. I loved it because of the symmetry of the trees and the wonderful shade they made. I enjoyed going to town to pick up my… Continue reading

The Villa

This is the villa we were staying in Arezzo, Italy. It housed all faculty members and students. It was tucked in the hills surrounded by nature. It was such a peaceful and pretty… Continue reading

Medieval Wall Surrounding Arezzo, Italy

Arezzo is a medieval city surrounded by a wall. Before you enter you have this beautiful view of the wall, nature and the top of the town’s most prominent buildings. This was a… Continue reading

Entrance into Arezzo, Italy

This is the main entrance into town. In order to get into town, from the villa we were staying at, you have to walk down the hill then up the stairs, past the… Continue reading

Vineyard and Moonlight in Tuscany

While in Arezzo we were staying at a Villa outside of town. One evening we had a tour to a local vineyard. As the group walked through their tour I sat outside under… Continue reading


So…we went to Italy for three weeks!  I made tons of drawings and I will share them as soon as I have them photographed. I also moved (still in Myrtle Beach though) And… Continue reading

Peace and Quite and Wonky Kitty

Sometimes you just want to sit quietly and read. Well that is what this girl was doing and I was mimicking her by sitting quietly and drawing.  The other one is a drawing… Continue reading

Black lines-black tires

Sitting down and change so much. I was sitting on the curve in a parking lot and all I could see were the long lines of cars. 2 seconds to draw it and… Continue reading

Black lines

I am amazed at how much I can get with black lines. The high contrast is so cool and intriguing.


This Surfrack is so awesome. I park my car under it and admire our beautiful boards. I was also surf-happy/surf-exhausted this day and drawing sitting in the garage was all I could manage.

Korean Drama

I have been watching Korean Dramas lately.  LOVE them. They have these 26 episode spanning love stories and all they do at the end is touch each others shoulder. It is quite something.… Continue reading

Blackwork forehead, the start.

I am working on this blackwork pattern for my forehead on green cotton thread. This pattern has been super duper challenging. I put a grid down and this has really helped so I… Continue reading


I have taken to walking about and sketching. (again Roz’s suggestion, rozwoundup.typepad.com) It is quite awkward but enjoyable. You walk about with your sketchbook on top of your arm and then hold the… Continue reading

Changing Locks

Well, I was drawing Scott was the one changing the locks. I was simply enjoying the show and working on getting the gesture of the pose. These were made with the Pentel pocked… Continue reading

Blackwork cheek.

My blackwork is not quite black, more of a magenta blue. Either way I am enjoying these patterns tremendously.

Gouche Scott

Love Gouche. Thanks to rozwounduptypepad.com (check her out, she is truly special) I was talked into buying some gouache, and it is awesome. It is bright and opaque and so forigving. Unlike watercolor… Continue reading

Sunshine = Happiness

The philosophers mail.com  (check him out he is awesome!) commonly talks about how when we think of happiness we think of big things like a job, a relationship, where we live etc… But… Continue reading