At the Chiropractor.

At the chiropractor’s office I visit there are three rooms. 2 for adults and one for little kids. I love the one for children because it is colorful, has stickers on the wall… Continue reading


Scott was laying on the floor watching itlaian movies, deciding which one was appropriate for his class. I loved the foreshortening of the figure and the addition of my cat in the corner.

Monday morning.

It was Monday morning and one where I couldn’t seem to put one foot in front of the other. I picked up pen and paper and took 5 minutes to sketch what what… Continue reading

Breakfast a la Danny Gregory for sketchbook skool

I made this drawing for sketchbook skool. As soon as I wake up I want to eat breakfast so having to wait until I drew it was quite difficult indeed. That said this… Continue reading

Pink Blossoms

I know, I know. Spring is here and I should get used to it. But I am still surprised at the beautiful days when I can sit in the sun and enjoy the… Continue reading

Celebrating Spring part 2

This is the state park in Myrtle Beach, SC. This winter has been long and cold. As soon as trees, bushes and flowers started showing signs off spring I brought out my liquid… Continue reading

La Familia Part 2. Battling the Mud

This is the original post I made of my family. I love the memories it brought me but it was quite a bit muddy. After staring at it for quite a while. I… Continue reading

Celebrating Spring with Sunflowers.

I am so excited for spring that I decided to buy sunflowers. Van Gogh was right they are so pretty and fun to draw!. I was also testing my new state blue ink… Continue reading

Cultural Transgressions 2

I have already talked about the importance of the Moko (facial tattoo) in maori culture. But I also want to explore its important to the rest of us. With this body of work… Continue reading

Paper Sketch into Silk Sketch

Watercolor skills do translate into silk painting. The paints run a bit more and wick in the fabric but the silk also has a more intense sheen and brilliance. It is most important… Continue reading

La Familia

My family watching TV. I started this drawing over the holidays and just got around to finishing it. We were watching the show “Arrow” with pajamas and blankets feeling puny and weak over… Continue reading

Cultural Transgressions

I am working on a new project and I am so excited about it. I am calling this new work “Cultural Transgressions” or “Cultural Visitations” I am not quite sure yet. This project… Continue reading

King-Kong sushi

Sometimes, very rarely actually, the stars align and a drawing just flows out of my hand. This is one of those. I was eating sushi, found something I wanted to draw and drew… Continue reading

Pink Building with a Friend!

It has been a while since I have drawn with a friend. I forget how fun it is! I drew this by downtown Myrtle Beach. Usually when I am drawing with friends I… Continue reading

Just Look Down

I was having a hard time finding something to draw and I followed Koosje Koene’s advice to just look down.  My hand was lying on top of my leg with the fingers sort of… Continue reading


I never thought I would love samples so much.  It is so great to try new ideas in a small format. On this samples I wanted to see how watercolor, dyes and pitt… Continue reading

When you are stuck inside, you must find something to draw!

And so, I drew my fruit bowl. I have started leaving some art supplies right next to where I eat breakfast and it is working out pretty well. I seem to start drawing… Continue reading

Icey Snow day.

I was eagerly awaiting our first snow day. I have no idea what to do with snow and even less with ice. I did not grow up around it and it is still… Continue reading

Sunshine, Scott and Wine on a Winter Day

This was made our first week of class in the Spring semester. Thursday evening after teaching, drawing and eating we were able to sit in the sun in the back yard with a… Continue reading

ESPN Body Issue

Female athletes are wonderful. They have formed their bodies to serve a purpose that is so far away from just looking pretty. I love that. It is empowering to think of the female… Continue reading

I Kinda Really Love Tea

I am accepting the fact that I will draw teapots, teakettles and any other tea related objects over and over again. I guess I like them. My buddy Pablo (Picasso!) explains it better,… Continue reading

Wetsuits and Pantyhose

I have plenty of pantyhose in my closet  so I think I am going to make it this winter.

Saying No to New Years Resolutions.

I stink at drawing with pencil. I had all the best intentions to make technically awesome drawings all throughout my travels this holiday season with pencils and watercolors.  But it did not happen.… Continue reading

Prints of My Work in the Planned Parenthood Clinics are up!

4 prints from the series “Women Mending Women”  will be permanently displayed in 12 Planned Parenthood clinics in the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virgina.   Seeing these prints… Continue reading

Scott’s Little Red Truck.

There is really nothing left to say about this little truck except that we are officially starting a “new truck” fund.  Just in case.