The intent behind my work is the exploration and reinvention of the other. My personal story of migration and encounters with “others” have pushed me to question my own sense of identity and of society around me. As a result I believe in the authentic recording of my own story as it defines me, and intertwines with those around me.

I explore identity in society by questioning ideas about the dominant culture, gender roles and divine mandates through materiality. I contras fiber techniques – which have traditional been used by indigenous people and women – with the rigidity and historical dominance of marble.

 In the most honest of terms my work is searching for a way to connect with people around me. With every piece I make I am looking to form a connection or find a commonality that can transform an other into an individual or will make me an individual in the viewer’s mind. 

 With migration as a growing characteristic of the population and the development of social media the boundaries of community and identity are changing. I am interested in the development of identity within alternative communities online and how those relationships translate into interactions in the physical world. 


Claudia Dominguez was born in Mexico City, Mexico and has lived in the United States since the year 2000.  She graduate with a Degree in Art and Design with an emphasis on fibers from North Carolina State University.  Her undergraduate work was in Sculpture at the University of San Diego in California.  After graduation, Claudia lived in Florence, Italy where she apprenticed under artist Roberto Lastrucci and learned the ancient art of Florentine mosaics. Claudia is currently teaching art at Costal Carolina University in South Carolina.