Latest Work

Women Mending Women Series.

4 prints of this body of work are permanently displayed in 12 Planned Parenthood clinics through the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia .

Below are the images of the prints in the Charleston, SC clinic.

photo 1
photo 2-2 
 photo 3

This 3 piece series examines my search for female support. I discover and explore a visual history that affirms female support systems through a personal narrative focusing  on the mother-daughter bond. I examine this bond as the primary experience for building female relationships.  I began by mending my relationship with my mother and then expanding that trust and understanding to other women in my life. I realized that women have impacted my life tremendously and will continue to do so.

In regards to techniques, this series connects my Mexican experience in the United States with that of indigenous embroidery in Mexico through the use of embroidery on amate paper. It also recognizes the influence of Fiber art and Feminist Theory through the use of imagery and technique.

 –Photographs by Mathew Parise  

“When My Mother Was Everything to Me”

 When My Mother Was Everything To Me View from the back

 “When My Mother Was Everything to Me” 2012 

24 by 18 inches Amate Paper backed with Cotton.

 Embroidered with Silk, Cotton and Metal Threads.

 View of the Back “When My Mother Was Everything to Me” 2012
 Mother5 Mother1 Mother detail3
 back detail 6 back Detail7  Back detail8


 View From the Back

 “Hysteria” 2012 (Front and Back View) 24 by 36 inches. 

Amate Paper backed with Cotton. Embroidered with Silk, Cotton and Gold Threads. 

 hysteria detail5 hysteria detail2  Hysteria9
 hysteria detail 7 Hysteria detail 4 hysteria detail 6

“We Stitch Each Other”

We Stitch Each Other
 Back side view

 “We Stitch Each Other” 2013 (Front and Back View) 36 by 42 inches.

Amate Paper backed with Cotton. Embroidered with Silk, Cotton and Metal Threads. 

 _MG_0224 women detail 6 _MG_0233
 women detail 8 women detail 2 Women detail 7