“Identity politics divides us. Fiction connects. One is interested in sweeping generalizations. The other, in nuances. One draws boundaries. The other recognizes no frontiers. Identity politics is made of solid bricks. Fiction is flowing water”—Elif Shafak 

The intent behind my work is the exploration and reinvention of the other. My personal story of migration and encounters with “others” have pushed me to question my own sense of identity and of society around me. As a result I believe in the authentic recording of my own story as it defines me, and intertwines with those around me.

I explore identity in society by questioning ideas about the dominant culture, gender roles and divine mandates. I search for identity through the use of fiber art because every culture in the world, at one time or another, has produced and valued it. I use patterns in embroidery that have historically been taken out of context and re-assimilated in different cultures. I hope to expand both my identity and the perception of it through the use of these misplaced yet cosmopolitan patterns. 


Claudia Dominguez was born in Mexico City, Mexico and has lived in the United States since the year 2000. Her work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the United States as well as internationally. Claudia is currently teaching art at Costal Carolina University in South Carolina.